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The Emergency Supply Hub

"Flattening the curve" is not just about reducing transmission vectors with social distancing, it is also about building inventory of critical medical supplies to prevent overwhelming our defenses. MassBio has recognized this need and sent out an email to members requesting support from the scientific community, here's a snippet of the email:

We're asking every life sciences and healthcare organization to consider how they may be able to help, specifically in donating lab, testing, and diagnostics supplies, personal protection equipment (PPE), and medical and scientific expertise needed to combat COVID-19. Please fill out the following survey to let us know what you can donate: Healthcare providers may send requests for supplies or expertise by emailing and we will share this information with the state’s Department of Public Health, who is coordinating and triaging all requests for supplies. We will also use this information to help inform what types of supplies we will request from our membership.

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